"We Need to Talk"

The news arrived via a text message. "We Need To Talk." As parents, we instinctively knew what had happened. Our daughter Katie was 17, a senior-to-be in high school and pregnant. It was a difficult time for everyone but through it all, our main hopes and prayers were for a healthy baby and a degree from Lake County High School for Katie.

With the help of Lifebeat Family Pregnancy Center we got both. Lifebeat was always there for Katie with advice, counseling, pre-natal services and a friendly face. Lifebeat made what could have been a very difficult time much better. We, as parents, support everything that Lifebeat stands for and does for young mothers and mothers-to-be. Our grandchildren are the light of our lives and although Khloe, now three, is a rounder—we call her Tazz—we wouldn’t have it any other way. We would like to thank Lifebeat for what they did for Katie and Khloe and what they do for mothers throughout Lake County and Northwest Tennessee.

Evan and Judy Jones

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